Philippians 3:17-21 “Citizens of Heaven”

Just a warning, my intention is to push you a bit today, but with the hope that no matter what happens this week, next Sunday we will have the same good news to sing about and rejoice in. This week we are going to take a break from Luke to look at a passage in Philippians. Normally I don’t like to deviate from the plan of just going through the book we are in, but I believe this week calls for some reflection as we look ahead to this week’s election. Now, what I want to do is different that what I see a lot of people doing right now. There are lots of people who are using fear as a tactic in their political fight. Now, I know I have talked about this before but you know that news channels are businesses right? …
I believe that Evangelicals are becoming pawns in the political world. Why? Because we are easily manipulated by fear. “Your freedoms are at steak, your Liberty, your nation” How can the world do this to us? Well, I think this passage of scripture will help us see why so many people are being used by political machines. Their minds are set on earthly things. Let’s read this text

So, before I get started, let me ask you this. Who do you have more solidarity with, your unbelieving neighbor with your candidate’s sign on his lawn, or a Christian in Iran? How about your unbelieving neighbor with your candidate’s sign and a Christian in Africa? How about your unbelieving neighbor with your candidate’s sign and your believing neighbor with the opposing candidate’s sign?
If you use anything other that the blood of Jesus to define your loyalties, your mind is set on earthly things.

There are people whose minds are set on earthly things.:
They are enemies of the cross of Christ
their end is their destruction: All the things they hold dear and love will burn up. Every nation will be destroyed, every ruler cast down.
their God is their Belly: Personal wants, needs, desires…
They glory in their shame. People whose minds are on earthly things are finding glory in the very thing that will be their shame when they stand before God.
2. Our Citizenship is in heaven: He is saying that the distinguishing thing for people who have their minds set on earthly things is that they have forgotten where their citizenship is. They begin living for earthly matters, because they think that they belong here.
3. We must look to heaven for our future, our hope and our savior. There is no other place to hope in. Look at the verses that preceded our reading today: 3:1-11

So, Tuesday night, or Wed morning, whenever we find out the results of the election, no matter who is the winner, my nation will not be shaken, because my citizenship is in heaven. If the USA falls completely into chaos and ceases to exist in my lifetime, my nation will not be shaken, my citizenship is in heaven. If you cant say that for yourself, repent of your idolatry and trust in the true king.

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