.HEREtoday. Library

2403_1042204611254_8142640_nThese are the studio recorded songs of my old band .HEREtoday. Feel free to download or stream them. We had a blast making this music. I hope you like listening to it. We recorded two full length records and a 4 song E.P.

Blank Slate E.P. (2001) 01 Tabula Rasa02 Taking on Water03 Quicksand04 Passing Dream

Desert Room (2003) 01 Grow02 Beneath03 Desert Room04 Wake Up, Call05 Footsteps06 The Light07 I Won’t Complain08 Home09 Breathing10 The Last Time11 Horizon

.HEREtoday. (2005) EverchangingJDBreakoutSemblance10-33Flowers AsideWiresStand And StumbleEverlandProdigalToast

An old promo picture taken by Kevin Boyd.


This is the Ninja Monkey, which was my favorite shirt and sticker design. Designed by Brandon J. Carr.


5 thoughts on “.HEREtoday. Library

  1. OH my goodness! Anthony and I just listened to Everchanging from the 2005 recording – and loved it! WOW we will be doing much more listening – right now we have to go to work – oh what a cool song Bryan~! ~the Musical Huffs

  2. I actually purchased copies of these discs. Somehow they were lost over the last several moves (and transition to mp3s and whatnot). I just spent the last hour looking to find these CDs somewhere for sale, and then ran across this. Dude, thank you. I am so excited to get to listen to these again!


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