Luke 4:14-30 “A Prophet in His Hometown”

Luke 4:14-30 “A Prophet in His Hometown”

Last week we saw Jesus being prepared for ministry by fasting and temptation. Now we see the beginnings of His ministry and what happens when he returns to His hometown of Nazareth. i believe what we will see in this scripture is this, when you stay on message with the message of Jesus, you will be opposed and rejected. Lets Read the text and get started.
The first thing we see in this text is that Jesus returns from the wilderness in the power of the Holy Spirit. And He was traveling around to different synagogues teaching, and He was being glorified by all. But then when He enters His hometown, he nearly gets killed before His ministry even really gets started. This is the first we see of how divisive and dangerous the Message of Jesus will be in His life. I think the message for all of us in this text is this. If you proclaim the message of Jesus, you will be rejected, in your home town and to the ends of the earth.
So lets look for a minute at the message Jesus was proclaiming and understand why it was so offensive to the people in Jesus’ hometown.
I am the anointed of God
I proclaim good news to the poor
I proclaim liberty to the captives
I proclaim sight to the blind
I proclaim liberty to the oppressed
I proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

this is a revolutionary message that will upturn the power structure currently in place. Great news for the oppressed, bad news for those who are in power.
Spiritual and physical oppression.

People were amazed at His message, until people started saying, “Isn’t this Joseph’s boy?”

Jesus saw their doubt and called them on it. He basically told them that His message, though for the people of Israel, will also be taken to the gentiles because of Israel’s unbelief.

How do we hear this message?
As oppressed…
As oppressors…


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