Luke 4:31-41 “The Power and Authority of Jesus”

Luke 4:31-41 “The Power and Authority of Jesus”

We are back in Luke this week. Looking at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and we are coming off of His temptation in the wilderness and His rejection in Nazareth. Now we see Jesus begins to add to His preaching ministry healing.
Now, what often happens when we read the stories of Jesus Healing people and casting out demons is we get stuck on the wonder and awe of the miracle He is performing, but I want to look a little bit deeper at the truth that these miracles uncover for us.
That is this: Jesus has Power and Authority over all things.
Lets read the text and then get into that

This is a pretty straightforward description of Jesus preaching in Caperaum, casting out a demon, healing Simon’s mother in law, and a bunch of other people. They are today to us, as I mentioned before to give us a picture of the Power and Authority of Jesus.
People recognize it in His teaching, and in His actions.
They see that he spoke with Authority v. 32 His words possessed power to impact people’s hearts
Spiritual Authority: His words possessed authority over unclean spirits…
Natural Authority: He spoke to illness and it left the body of Simon’s Mother-n-law…

Now, what implications does this have for us?
We can take our cares and concerns to Him, because He is the only one who can change things. So Pray!
We can rest confident in whatever situation we are in, because Jesus has authority and power over it. If He has not rescued us from our situation, is is because He will get more glory and you will get more joy out of not being rescued at this moment, than being rescued… So Trust!
When Jesus says you are forgiven, it is with the authority and power to declare it. That is the greatest rescue that anyone can receive. So Repent!


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