James 5:13-20 “Go to God”

James 5-13-20 (audio file)   Open your Bibles please to James Chapter 5. We are going to be finishing the final verses of James today. Next week we will be doing a summary of the book, reminding us of the things that we have learned as we have studied this book. And so you can be looking ahead, we will be taking a week to look at some lessons from the book of Nehemiah on vision. Then a few weeks to prepare to celebrate Easter. After which I will be preaching through our statement of faith.   Last week we learned … Continue reading James 5:13-20 “Go to God”

James 5:7-12 “Be Patient”

James 5-7-12 (audio file) Open your Bibles to the book of James. We are reading again from chapter 5. this time we will be looking at verses 7-12. Last week we looked at a startling verse aimed at the rich. those who have hoarded their wealth and possessions, those who have gained it dishonestly, and those who have used it selfishly are all to weep and howl, for the Lord sees all of that as evidence against them, and that all of our hearts will be judged by the evidence that is before the judge. This week we have a bit … Continue reading James 5:7-12 “Be Patient”

James 5:1-5

Open your Bibles please to James 5, we are going to be looking at verses 1-5 If you missed last week, we looked at two ways that our speech reveals our beliefs about God. That if we speak evil against others, or if we boast about our future, we are viewing ourselves as though we are the supreme being. James tells us that we are to remember that there is a God, and we are not Him. This morning, we are going to see yet another text that reveals another way to diagnose our hearts. We are going to hear … Continue reading James 5:1-5

James 4:11-17 What is Your Life?

James 4-11-17 (audio file) Here we are again in James. Today we are reading more from Chapter 4. I am actually including part of our text from last week because we didn’t really address it, and it flows into our passage for this week. If you weren’t here last week what you missed was us addressing James speaking to us about the root cause of quarrels and fights. He said it was our passions inside of us, passions the want to elevate ourselves and put ourselves on the throne of our hearts, which is an inversion of the created order, … Continue reading James 4:11-17 What is Your Life?