Essentials: God (The Trinity)

Essentials: God Essentials, God (audio file for download) We continue our study of the essentials of the Christian faith. Last week we looked that the authority and trustworthiness of scripture. This week we are looking at who God is. Primarily we will talk about the trinity. As described in this text. Now if you have been around church for any part of your life, you have heard of this essential belief. Now, as I said last week these are not meant to be full in depth study of the essentials, with all the differing beliefs outlined and explained. I want to … Continue reading Essentials: God (The Trinity)

Essentials: God’s Word

Essentials- God’s Word (audio file for Download)   Today begins a new series for us. We will be looking at the basics of the Christian Faith. Somewhat of a Christianity 101. My hope is this, that those who have not been Christians for long, or if you are new to Emmaus and thinking about joining you will know the basics of what we and the majority of “orthodox” Christians believe, and if you have been a believer for a while that you will be impassioned and amazed once again at the awesome gift of new life in Christ. That God will … Continue reading Essentials: God’s Word

Doubting Thomas or Authentic Jesus?

Doubting Thomas (Audio File for Download) (This is one message where the notes are not nearly as in depth as the audio. I will say that we had a glitch halfway through the message and had to switch microphones. You may notice the change in sound.) I have been preparing to begin the message series about basics of the Christian Faith, using the Ephesians passage that we read every week as the basis. I was going to begin the series this morning, but I have changed plan. We are going to defer for one week. This is for two reasons. 1. … Continue reading Doubting Thomas or Authentic Jesus?

Nehemiah Recap

Nehemiah recap (audio file for download) This is the 12th and final week of our study of Nehemiah. What a great book it is too! So much to learn from Nehemiah and what he and his people went through. What I am going to do today is recap the book as I typically do at the end of a book study. The first week we study a new book I like to do an introduction, and the last week a recap. So now that we have read it all and looked at a lot of the content, I would say that … Continue reading Nehemiah Recap