Membership 3

This is the outline from this weeks discussion on the new Membership section in our articles of ministry. The Blue is my comments tying it to the previous messages. So, Membership: First week: Universal Church, Local Church. no difference, requirement to be a part is the same for both. A heart changed by Christ. Week 2: What did the early church do after Pentecost? Met together, Ate together, Prayed for one another, and were generous with their possessions. And the kicker of it all that we must never lose sight of is that all these things flow out of their … Continue reading Membership 3

Membership 2

Membership 2 (audio file) Membership 2 As I said last week, our church is in the process of rewriting the articles of ministry for Emmaus Christian Church. This has been a long process and will continue to be a long process. There is a lot to consider as we look at how we as a church are to be formed to fulfill the mission God has called us to as a body. Last week we looked at what membership is in the church. From the different passages we looked at I hope it was clear to you that there are two … Continue reading Membership 2

Membership 1

Membership 1 (audio file) Membership 1 First off, you may be wondering why I chose to talk about this topic this morning. Yes, this is a topical sermon. typically what I like to do is choose a book of the bible and preach right through it. I love that way of preaching because it forces us all to deal with each text equally, and not skip over texts that might be controversial, or not as fun to teach or preach. I love that, and that is for the most part what I want to do with you all. There are times … Continue reading Membership 1