Essentials: Respond To Jesus

Essentials, Respond to Jesus (audio file for download) Essentials: Responding To Jesus. This week concludes our study of the essentials of the Christian Faith. While this has not been totally exhaustive explanation of all that we believe as Christians, I hope that it has brought each of us more clarity about what it is we mean when we read our affirmation of faith every week. I hope that Lord has been drawing each of us to a deeper understanding of what he has done for us in giving us His word, and sending us His son. This has all been based … Continue reading Essentials: Respond To Jesus

Essentials: The End Times

Essentials, The End (audio file for download) Essentials: the fulfillment of Christ’s work (End Times). Have you noticed lately how our culture has been infatuated with the end times? Whether from a Biblical perspective or not, there is a fascination in all of us with the end of the world. If you just take a look at some of the movies coming out in the past few years you will see a trend of these post apocalyptic earth movies. The latest one that I am aware of is called Alysium. Where it seems earth has been destroyed for the most part … Continue reading Essentials: The End Times

Essentials: Christ’s Work

Essentials, Christ’s work (audio file for download) The work of Christ We have been looking at the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. We have looked at the authority of scripture, and the mystery of the trinity, we looked at the person of Jesus, and we looked at who we are as people. Last week we looked at how we as humans are made in the image and likeness of God, yet we are fallen because of the sin nature that we inherited from Adam and Eve through our parents. As you think about what you believe about Jesus and the … Continue reading Essentials: Christ’s Work

Essentials: Man

Essentials, Man (audio file for download) We have been looking at the essentials of the Christian Faith over the past few weeks. What are the primary “doctrines” that make us who we are. We looked at the authority of scripture, the trinity, and the person of Jesus. Today we come to everyone’s favorite topic, You! Now, I know you have heard me say before that I don’t preach my sermons with specific people in mind. Well, today that is not the case. Today I do have specific people in mind while preparing and now preaching this sermon. Are you curious who … Continue reading Essentials: Man

Essentials: The Person of Christ

Sorry, No Audio this week, I am glad I did type a lot out though so hopefully you can get the gist.   We continue to look at our affirmation of faith this week. As we go through this I hope that God is speaking to you as we look at these core beliefs of our faith. Today we are going to look at the person of Christ. The basic question I want to answer for us is this: Who is Jesus Christ? Last week we saw that he is one of the persons of the Trinity, and that He … Continue reading Essentials: The Person of Christ

Essentials: God (The Trinity)

Essentials: God Essentials, God (audio file for download) We continue our study of the essentials of the Christian faith. Last week we looked that the authority and trustworthiness of scripture. This week we are looking at who God is. Primarily we will talk about the trinity. As described in this text. Now if you have been around church for any part of your life, you have heard of this essential belief. Now, as I said last week these are not meant to be full in depth study of the essentials, with all the differing beliefs outlined and explained. I want to … Continue reading Essentials: God (The Trinity)

Essentials: God’s Word

Essentials- God’s Word (audio file for Download)   Today begins a new series for us. We will be looking at the basics of the Christian Faith. Somewhat of a Christianity 101. My hope is this, that those who have not been Christians for long, or if you are new to Emmaus and thinking about joining you will know the basics of what we and the majority of “orthodox” Christians believe, and if you have been a believer for a while that you will be impassioned and amazed once again at the awesome gift of new life in Christ. That God will … Continue reading Essentials: God’s Word