James Recap

(Most of my posts are simply the notes that I use when I preach with minimal editing afterward. In most cases, the notes alone may leave holes that I flesh out in the message. Make sure you stream or download the sermon to get more than the notes offer.) james recap (link to audio file for streaming or free download) Here we are on our last week of studying the book of James. We finished up the textual study last week with the last few verses, and this week we are going to recap the entire book. I hope that the … Continue reading James Recap

James 4:11-17 What is Your Life?

James 4-11-17 (audio file) Here we are again in James. Today we are reading more from Chapter 4. I am actually including part of our text from last week because we didn’t really address it, and it flows into our passage for this week. If you weren’t here last week what you missed was us addressing James speaking to us about the root cause of quarrels and fights. He said it was our passions inside of us, passions the want to elevate ourselves and put ourselves on the throne of our hearts, which is an inversion of the created order, … Continue reading James 4:11-17 What is Your Life?