James 4:1-12 “What Causes Fights?”

James 4-1-12 2 (audio File)   This is, believe it or not, the eighth message in our series of James. We stared it 12 weeks ago however, so it has seemed longer that we have been in it. So, just to bring you up to speed, James is a leader in the church of Jerusalem, he is the brother of Jesus, and he introduces himself as a servant of Christ, more specifically a bond servant of Christ. We established in the first week of this series that we need to have our identity in Christ if we are going to be … Continue reading James 4:1-12 “What Causes Fights?”

For My Cousin, Kristina Hinsdale

When I was a kid, my cousins were like extra siblings. We spent a lot of time together. Our families visited each other very often, and we were close. Close enough to fight and bicker, laugh and torture each other, to know one another well, and feel a special bond as a family. As is, I expect usually the case, time went by and we grew up and got into the social circles of our schools and became more involved locally, there were fewer visits, and so our cousins were less like siblings and more like, well cousins I guess. … Continue reading For My Cousin, Kristina Hinsdale

James 3:13-18 Where is your wisdom from?

James 3:13-18 Where is Your Wisdom From? (audio file) Well, if you were here last week, you know that we got back into our study of James. We looked at the passage that addresses our tongue and how our words carry a great deal of influence, that our predisposition is to use our words to inflict pain because of our sinful nature. That when we become a Christian, our speech should reflect the change that has taken place in our hearts. When you have Christ in your heart, your speech will be transformed, as your heart is transformed by Christ. … Continue reading James 3:13-18 Where is your wisdom from?

James 3:1-12 Tame your Tongue

Well, we are back to James this week. We took a few weeks off from our study of this book to address the tragic shooting in Newtown Ct. and then last week we looked at Simeon’s prophesy about Jesus. If you recall before that we looked at the end of James Chapter two where he was telling us that Faith without works is dead, and that faith will be worked out in our lives if in fact it is real. The example that James gave us was that of Abraham believing in God’s promise to him, and his belief was … Continue reading James 3:1-12 Tame your Tongue

Zechariah’s prophesy about Jesus Luke 1:67-80

December 23 2012 (audio file) Well, here we are a couple days till Christmas. If you are a regular attender here, you know that we have been studying the book of James lately. We will pick that back up next Sunday. Last week in light of the tragedy in Newtown Ct. we hit pause on our study to look at how scripture speaks to tragedies like that one. If you missed it, there is an audio recording up on the web. We have been trying to get it up on the church website, but that has not been working, so if … Continue reading Zechariah’s prophesy about Jesus Luke 1:67-80