Prayer: Apprehension

  So last week we looked at our approach to prayer, specifically, how we come, and who we come to. The truth that Christians need to understand the most about coming before God is that we are coming to Him as a Father. We used to be His enemies, we used to be hostile to Him, but now we are His children, and His friends. We come to Him out of our need to be with Him, not our desire to look important, or to sound eloquent to others. Today we are going ot talk about apprehension in prayer. i … Continue reading Prayer: Apprehension

Prayer: Approach Matthew 6:5-9

    Today begins a three week study of the topic of Prayer. We are going to look at Prayer from three different angles.  Approach, Apprehension, and Application. This week we are going to look at who we are coming to, and how we are coming to Him. Next week my hope is that we as a church really apprehend what prayer is. And the third week we will apply what we have learned in a special service where we spend time in prayer and song. If you would open your Bibles to Matthew 6, we are going to read … Continue reading Prayer: Approach Matthew 6:5-9

Guest Preacher Lew Combs: “Union with Christ”

Lew Combs (audio file for download) It was great for me to get to visit the great folks of Spotsylvania Presbyterian Church this past Sunday. While I was gone, the chairman of the Board of Stewards at ECC preached in my place. I am grateful for his leadership and I am glad to serve the Lord along side Him and the rest of our board. I don’t have his notes, so this is the audio only. The quality is rough since it was recorded from a smart phone. The message is great though. Continue reading Guest Preacher Lew Combs: “Union with Christ”

Ephesians Recap “Who Are You Now?”

Ephesians Recap Ephesians Recap “Who Are You Now?” This is the last message in out Ephesians Series. If I could summarize this book in one sentence it would be: Ephesians is about who you are in Christ. In Christ, You are Alive. – you were dead 2:1 – but God 2:4 – by faith 1:13 In Christ, You are A Family. – 2:19-22 – 3:6 – 4:11-13 – 4:25 I Christ You can Act like it. – 4:20-24 – 4:1-3 – 4:29 – 5:3-4 – 6:12 – 6:18 All for His Glory. – 1:6 – 1:12 – 1:14 – 2:7 – … Continue reading Ephesians Recap “Who Are You Now?”

Ephesians 6:21-24 “Heart Encouragers”

This Sunday we examined Paul’s final greetings in his letter to the Ephesians. He tells them that he sent Tychicus to Encourage their hearts. We look at what makes a “heart encourager”. I hope your heart is encouraged as you listen. Ephesians 6-21-24 (Mp3 File for Download) Open your Bible’s please to Ephesians chapter 6. We are going to read verses 21-24. This is the section of the letter that is called “final Greetings”. Here Paul is closing his letter to the church in Ephesus like many of us might finish out an email or a letter written by hand on … Continue reading Ephesians 6:21-24 “Heart Encouragers”