Nehemiah 2:1-8 Who is The Real King?”

Admittedly, my notes this week are bare bones, and the audio is not direct, it is from the mic on my laptop. (I accidentally changed the setting in Garage Band) I do believe this is a defining message for me as a pastor, and Emmaus as a church. Nehemiah 2-1-8 (audio file for download) Last week: we learned a few things about Nehemiah: he was cup bearer to the king of persia. who had invaded Babylon after they had invaded Jerusalem. He probably lives a pretty good life with comfort and ease. though, when he hears about the city walls around … Continue reading Nehemiah 2:1-8 Who is The Real King?”

Nehemiah 1 Introduction

The audio has an issue a little bit into it. It picks up a buz after a little while. Not sure what it is. Sorry. Nehemiah 1 (audio Link for Download) This week we are starting a new series. We will be studying the book of Nehemiah. I was originally just going to do a few weeks in it, but as I got closer, I saw there was a lot more in here that we can address. I don’t want to rush through it, so we will go through the majority of the book in a similar fashion to the way … Continue reading Nehemiah 1 Introduction