Nehemiah Recap

Nehemiah recap (audio file for download) This is the 12th and final week of our study of Nehemiah. What a great book it is too! So much to learn from Nehemiah and what he and his people went through. What I am going to do today is recap the book as I typically do at the end of a book study. The first week we study a new book I like to do an introduction, and the last week a recap. So now that we have read it all and looked at a lot of the content, I would say that … Continue reading Nehemiah Recap

Nehemiah 13 “Jerusalem Drift”

Nehemiah 13 jerusalem drift (Audio file for download) The big picture of this book is that just as the walls of Jerusalem were broken down, all of us have broken walls that need to be rebuilt. Just as God sent Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of His city, He sent Christ to rebuild the walls of our lives. We have been looking at healthy walls as representative of a healthy city, and for us a healthy person. A broken wall can be any area of struggle, or sin that God needs to rebuild in your life. An impossible situation that you … Continue reading Nehemiah 13 “Jerusalem Drift”

Nehemiah 12:27-43 “The Dedication of the Wall”

Nehemiah 12 _Dedication of The Wall (Audio file for download) Two weeks of Nehemiah left including a wrap up. Then we will look at our affirmation of faith, followed by a series on the foundations of the Christian faith. This week the dedication of the wall.Two things to think about before we get started. 1. Where is a current example of God’s power in your life? Not years ago, not when you were a kid, where have you seen Him move recently? 2. How do you respond to that? So what happens in the rebuilding of the wall is that the … Continue reading Nehemiah 12:27-43 “The Dedication of the Wall”

Nehemiah 10 Conviction Leads to Commitment

These may be the most sparse notes I have preached from in a while. Nehemiah 10  A covenant. So far we have seen how God is using Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, restoring the dignity to His people and returning the people back to their home. Last week we looked at how he gathered them together to hear his word. We saw what happens when God’s word goes out and does what it does, there is a response. Now what happens today is the next event in that progression. The people make a covenant with God now that … Continue reading Nehemiah 10 Conviction Leads to Commitment

Nehemiah 7:5-9:38 “Now What?”

nehemiah 7-9 the people gather (Audio File for download) Last week we ended the sermon with a point that I didn’t really flesh out, that God is going to keep working on you… Now the question becomes, how does he keep working on you? How does he show you areas of your life that need repair? What is the primary context for our spiritual growth? We are going to look at what happened in Jerusalem after the wall was completed. Three chapters worth of action. I am not going to read it all, but I will read some of it so … Continue reading Nehemiah 7:5-9:38 “Now What?”

Nehemiah 5 “Nehemiah Stops Oppression”

Nehemiah 5  Stopping Oppression (audio link for download) Last week: three sources of opposition: the world the flesh and the devil. Did anyone encounter any opposition this week from those sources where you were able to realize it, and apply scripture to the situation? This week the passage is in between the two chapters on opposition and addresses an opposition of sorts that comes from within the walls. You see, as Nehemiah is building the wall life is still having to go on for the inhabitants of the city, and they a sacrificing a lot to be a part of the … Continue reading Nehemiah 5 “Nehemiah Stops Oppression”

Nehemiah 4 and 6: “Opposition to God’s Work”

Nehemiah 4 and 6 _opposition_ (Audio File for Download) Here is the part of the series where we start to move fast. We are going to look at material contained in 2 chapters today. The Bulletin says chapters 4 and 5, but we are actually going to skip 5 and read six. The reason is because both 4 and 6 describe the opposition to Nehemiah’s work, and how he dealt with it. That is going to be the focus of our time this morning. The Big Idea of this message is this: when God calls us to a task, there will … Continue reading Nehemiah 4 and 6: “Opposition to God’s Work”

Nehemiah 3 “What Are You Building?”

Nehemiah 3 _What Are You Building_(Audio file for download) We have been looking at Nehemiah and how he went about rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem. We saw how he was deeply distressed to hear of his people in the city and how they were left without walls or gates. We saw how he prayed and sought after God’s will for him towards the city, and last week we saw how he assessed the walls in secret, how he cast vision for the people of Jerusalem, and how they saw the vision and rose up to build.  If you have joined … Continue reading Nehemiah 3 “What Are You Building?”

Nehemiah 2:9-20 “Inspecting the Walls”

Nehemiah 2-9-20 (audio file for download) We are studying the book if Nehemiah. The first week we looked at some background of the book and how Nehemiah had a heart of compassion for the city of his ancestors, and his heritage. We saw his reaction to that compassion was a heart for prayer, and his prayer was rooted in the Word of God. Last week we looked at how Nehemiah waited, four months before bringing his concern to the king, he prayed and asked God for wisdom to speak to the king. He prayed alone, at set times, and he prayed … Continue reading Nehemiah 2:9-20 “Inspecting the Walls”