Jonah: “The Plant of God”

  my notes were very sparse this week. This book is made up of seven “episodes” there are three sets of parallels, and one that is on its own. The first set is Jonah’s commissioning and flight, coupled with Jonah’s decommissioning later in the story… The second is Jonah and the Pagan sailors, coupled with Jonah and the Pagan Ninevites… The third pair is Jonah’s. Grateful prayer, coupled with Jonah’s angry prayer. The only episode that doesn’t have a partner is Jonah’s lesson about compassion that we are looking at today… 1.The message of this book is not that God … Continue reading Jonah: “The Plant of God”

Jonah: “The Compassion of God”

Today we are going to look at how God was quite extravagant about who He showed his mercy to. Really, everyone in this story receives the mercy and Grace of God. First thing I want to do in our text is remind us all of what God’s Compassion is saving us from, then look at who it is offered to. God’s compassion saves us from God’s justice: God hurled the wind, God threatened the Ninevites, God sent the sun, and the scorching East wind. Ultimately we must realize that the primary force that God is saving us from is His … Continue reading Jonah: “The Compassion of God”

Jonah: “The Hand of God”

We are still looking through the book of Jonah. Today we are going to be looking at God’s actions in this book. Since we are going to be all over it again, I am going to read the whole book to you again, just in case you haven’t read it, or heard it before. As I read it, what I want you to listen and look for are God’s actions. What is God doing in the life of Jonah, and the other characters in the story. Also look at how He is interacting with them and the creation as well. … Continue reading Jonah: “The Hand of God”

Jonah: “The Message of God”

    Jonah was a prophet of God. he was sent on a mission from God. The Lord had a call on his life. He wanted him to go to Nineveh and preach to the people there. Last week we looked at how to discern the call of God on our own lives. This week we are going to look at what the message God wanted Jonah to preach to the Ninevites and see if that is the message we should be hearing, and preaching to ourselves and to others. There is a question I want to wrestle with today … Continue reading Jonah: “The Message of God”

Jonah 1: The Call of God

The call of God Today is going to be a very practical sermon on the call of God on our lives. It will be based in Jonah 1. Let’s read it together. Three questions I want to ask you and hope to answer in a small way this morning. Before I get too far into this message, I want to define the word “calling” for you. The way I am using it is as follows. A calling is an activity, or action that you engage in by God’s design, and for His purpose. Ephesians 2:10. What is God calling you … Continue reading Jonah 1: The Call of God

Jonah Introduction: “The Word of The Lord Came to Jonah”

  Today begins a study of the book of Jonah. Jonah is a book that you are familiar with if you grew up in church. You have no doubt seen the story on a flannel graph board, or in a movie, or read the story to your children at night as you put them to bed. My goal in preaching through this book is not to go merely through the story and tell you about it, but I want to get into the story behind the story. You see, many people today read a story like this and just try … Continue reading Jonah Introduction: “The Word of The Lord Came to Jonah”