Christmas 2015 John 1:1-18


Ok, here is what I am dealing with. I gave myself 20 minutes for this sermon. This might be a miracle on par with the virgin birth. So here it goes.
We are going to be looking at John 1:1-18
When you worship Jesus, who do you worship? Do you think of only a little baby, or do you think of the eternally existent son of God. Well, when John begins his gospel, he wants to make it clear from the beginning who it is that he is talking about.

He is The Word: when God created, he did it with His words, and we know from this text, that Jesus is the word that went forth and did the creating.

He Is the Light: v.4: Jesus is not only the word, but he is also the light. The nature of light is to destroy darkness. Darkness is the absence of light, so there is no way to destroy light with darkness.

He Came in Flesh: this word, this light, put on flesh. This is a mystery that is beyond comprehension in many ways, that the one who brought life and light to the universe entered into that universe in the most humble, and uncomfortable way. He became a baby, and was born in the filth of a cave where animals lived…

So WE might receive grace: v. 16: from the fullness of this incarnate word, we receive Grace. The fullness that He is speaking of is the fullness of all the work that Christ accomplished. Sinless life, sinner’s death, and resurrection. All in our place, and for our sins!
Bryan Holt

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