Exodus 15:1-21 Why We Sing

 Exodus 15:1-21. Remember, this is right after the waters closed up on the Egyptians. God saved the people of Israel and they walked through the Red Sea on dry ground. Let’s read what took place next.
now as I have said before, we are looking not only at the events in the story of the Exodus, we are looking also at the parallels to our own lives as Christians…
So what we see here is the people’s response to what God did to save them. We have Moses presumably writing a song and the people sing it together.
So, what I want to look at today is why Christians sing songs.
Have you ever thought about that?
We sing together: the corporate nature of song is powerful… Sure, you can sing by yourself, but the idea of singing alone and having a full band, or symphony in your ear is a very new experience. 1877 phonograph was invented. Before that, the only way to experience music was a live experience.
We sing to remember: who God is, What He has done
People leak…
We sing to celebrate: nothing pairs truth and emotion together like a song. Truth: songs that we sing, must be true:

Emotion: Emotions are God given, they a meant to be enjoyed, and used by us in life, and in worship…Worship in all forms is the consummation of Joy….

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