“The Word Became Flesh” John 1:1-18

Christmas 2013(Mp3 file for download) In preparing for today’s service it came to my realization that I would only have about 10 minutes to preach. Let’s see how this goes. Open your Bibles and read with me the text John 1:1-18 Jesus meets you where you are It seems like more and more, we are made aware of people who will be l this Christmas in mourning. Christmas is a time to celebrate and rejoice, and have fun.  It is not meant to be a time of mourning. And yet, for so many in our world, the expectation of happiness … Continue reading “The Word Became Flesh” John 1:1-18

“What Are You Waiting For??” Advent Message

What are you waiting for? (MP3 for download) Break from Ephesians, and expositional style. Topical Sermon. Advent, waiting, expectation… -We Live in a culture of expectation: always looking for the next thing… -We are constantly experiencing unmet expectations… Matt Chandler says that “all frustration is a result of unmet expectations.” That has been true in my life… -Our expectations of a product, an experience, or a person are most often the result of a need in our heart, or a desire to fulfill a need in our hearts… often we expect things to deliver some promise that a thing could never … Continue reading “What Are You Waiting For??” Advent Message

Zechariah’s prophesy about Jesus Luke 1:67-80

December 23 2012 (audio file) Well, here we are a couple days till Christmas. If you are a regular attender here, you know that we have been studying the book of James lately. We will pick that back up next Sunday. Last week in light of the tragedy in Newtown Ct. we hit pause on our study to look at how scripture speaks to tragedies like that one. If you missed it, there is an audio recording up on the web. We have been trying to get it up on the church website, but that has not been working, so if … Continue reading Zechariah’s prophesy about Jesus Luke 1:67-80