Malachi 3 “A Glimmer of Hope”

Malachi 3 “A Glimmer of Hope”

Are you ready for a savior yet? If you are not after the first three messages in this book, you should be.

Last week we looked at the weariness of God. That He is wearied by our declarations that people who do evil are good and accepted, and those same people cry out for justice.
One thing I hope that you are seeing in this book is the fact that the activities of the people who are God’s people, are not really different from the activities of the people who are outside of Isareal, they are not winning God’ favor, they have received His Grace freely and totally simply because God acted to show them His love.
We have to realize that none of us who have received God’s love have earned a single drop of it. We are the same type of people who weary God at times. OK, so are you ready for some good news?

God is the Change agent in the lives of His people.

God will send a messenger: To Prepare the way for the Lord John The Baptist.
 -He will refine and purify the people of God. (John’s baptism of repentance, Jesus destroying the Pharisees)
 -They will be able to bring in Righteous offerings again.
God will draw near to you for Judgement: Wo will He judge?
 those who swear falsely
 -Those who oppress the hired worker, Widows and the fatherless
 -those who thrust aside the sojourner
 -those who do not fear God
God will remain faithful: God’s judgement of Israel is stopped not by their obedience, but His faithfulness. 
 -Israel has never Been Faithful v. 7
 -Israel was robbing God, but they defended themselves. There were areas where they were disobedient and didn’t even know it, or at least acted like they didn’t know it. 
 They revealed their lack of trust and fear of God by not giving all that they should to Him.
The Lord paid attention and remember those whose hearts had been turned to him. v. 17

So what do we take away from this as we prepare for advent?
God will get through to His people.
God’s judgement is powerful.
He will remain faithful even when we fail.


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