Malachi 2 “The Weariness of God”

Malachi 2 “The Weariness of God”

Last week in our first message on the book of Malachi was saw how the people of God had grown weary in waiting for his promise of a savior. We saw how God’s rebuke of His people is rooted in His unconditional love for the people He has set apart for Himself. We need to keep this in mind as we look at the second chapter of this book of Prophecy.


So the question I hope to answer today is this: What Wearies God?
We see in verse 17 that the people of Israel have wearied the Lord. One of the great things about this book is that it is God making statements, then asking the questions that the people should or would be asking after hearing the statement and then God answering the question. We see that in the statement is v. 17. God says that the people have wearied Him, and then asks the question on behalf of the people, How have we wearied you? then He answers the question with the the statement that the people have wearied Him by saying that ““Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and He delights in them.” or by asking “Where is the God of Justice?””
Now, these two statements underlie the primary thing that God is rebuking His people for. They are two statements that actually seem opposing, but come from the same type of hypocritical heart. The heart that says God is pleased with you even when you sin, until that sin is against me, then I want justice! Just so you know, I fully intended to start with the last verse, and then work my way backwards. SO, now we have seen the summary that God gives for His weariness, we are going to go back and see how he had just fleshed out some of that weariness.

God Is wearied by glossing over sin. “My sin is not that great, I follow his commands, but do not need atonement for sin.”
The sin of dead religion, i.e. rejecting God.
 -The people were rejecting God by practicing half hearted legalistic worship. The priests of God were not listening to His instructions to them. 
-The priests had turned aside from teaching the truth and were leading people astray as evidenced by the lack of true worship. When you begin to believe that your sins are not all that big a deal and you worship God as a way to win His protection, you begin to do it without gratitude and without joy, and you begin to hold back to yourself the things that God has asked, namely the best of what you have. You withhold your right to the best and you give God the left overs of your finances, your time, and most importantly, your affections. You begin to offer yourself to Him to the proportion that you feel you need to be saved. 
Now, in order to see how much God cares about this, look at what He says he is going to do to those who do not take heart to give honor to God. v. 3. 

And the sins of Marrying outside the faith and adultery, i.e. rejecting God’s people.
-The people at that time had been commanded to marry within the nation of Israel, as to not bring in outside religions or gods into their midst. They had been disregarding this command and were marrying people from other religions/nations. This shows not only a blatant disregard for the commands of God, it also at its root is a misunderstanding of the purposes of marriage. You see, marriage is not about seeking our happiness that is rooted in the beauty, or the characteristics of another person, it is about two people coming together to point each other to the only true source of happiness and joy found only in God. 
-The people had turned from each other by the greatest from of human unfaithfulness. They were practicing adultery and divorce. of all the pictures that God gives his people to understand our relationship with Him, marriage is the most vivid. This is the covenant that a man and woman enter into and the covenant is one of faithfulness. Of all the human relationships we have, our marriage is the one that should most reflect our relationship with God. It is also, I believe the one that is the clearest evidence of the Gospel in our lives and the most powerful witness to the world of God’s power over sin, and of His covenant love of His people…
I say that this is a rejection of God’s people because he begins this section with a reminder that we are all brothers and sisters and we have the same father. This is where I believe that our unity with one another and how hard we work to keep the unity of the body is also an act of worship. Because we are saying that God’s house is worth dying to myself for.
God is wearied by demanding judgment. This reveals a heart of hypocrisy through expecting God to act swiftly when we are wronged. “God, I have followed all your rules, now defend me!” These people had believed that their worship of God bought them some kind of right to God’s protection when they were wronged by others.


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