Luke 7:18-35 “The Children of Wisdom”

Luke 7:18-35 The Children of Wisdom

Open your Bible to Luke 7. We are looking at verses 18-35.
Jesus has preached the sermon on the plain, and then he healed two people, the centurion’s servant and the widow’s son. We didn’t talk much about it, but the result of that was that the people who were there, were seized with fear, glorified God, and then spread the word through the whole of Judea and surrounding country.
So, what we see next is that word has gotten to John the Baptist, and he is confused. John had expectations that aren’t coming true. So he sends two of his disciples to Jesus to clarify who he is. This is an example of what often happens in Jesus’ ministry in His time and today. People either believe somehow, or are told that Jesus does this or that, or that if you believe in Jesus, all your troubles will go away, and then something happens and they find themselves unsure of Jesus. In this case, there are several things that Jesus does that don’t make sense to John, and there is also the fact that John has probably been put in prison now, and that is cause for him to wonder what is going on with his cousin, who is supposed to be the savior.

John’s Confusion:
-Jesus is eating and drinking with sinners…
-Jesus has not taken political power…
Jesus’ Clarification:
– Miracles…
– Confirming John’s call…
The People’s Confession:
– The Pharisees reject Jesus and John
– Children in the streets
-Sinners Called God Just
-Had received John’s baptism and Jesus


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