Luke 7:1-17 “Jesus Packs His Lunch”

Luke 7:1-17

The most important question you will ever answer is “Who is Jesus?”
How you answer that will not only impact your eternity, it will impact your every day life.
Last week we looked at Jesus giving his followers an admonition that if they are going to call him Lord, they had better live like it, and that means obeying his commands to love, to rejoice and ultimately to find their hope for salvation in him.
Today We are going to see how Jesus backs up his talk with two miracles. Now these are two different miracles one for a powerful leader, one for a widow, one for a Jew and the other a Gentile, one raising a servant, and the other a son. But in these two miracles we see some key themes that will help us understand more of who Jesus is and what He has come to do.
As I said, in this text there are a few key themes that will be coming back time and time again in the life of Jesus, and also in the rest of the New Testament.
The compassion of Christ:

Opening the way for the Gentiles:

The role of faith in the life of a believer:

The authority of Christ:


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