Luke 2:1-21 “The Birth of Christ”

Luke 2:1-21
God is at work in the great places and in the broken spaces. While there is a lot going on here, in one respect, this is a story of God using the powerful to bring salvation to the powerless. Using the oppressor to bring the message of freedom to the oppressed.

1-5 first thing that takes place is that God shows His sovereignty by using a bad ruler for Holy purposes. This should give us hope and remind us that over every ruler is The King.
6-7 The birth of Jesus takes place in obscurity.
8-14 Is declared to the oppressed: Jesus was constantly a friend of the oppressed. Because physical oppression is a metaphor for spiritual oppression.
15-21 was attended by the outcasts, who responded in worship.

So, what does this mean for us today? If you feel oppressed spiritually, or physically, you have good news. The birth of Jesus is the breaking into the world of God in flesh on a mission to set the captives free. And He invades our world and. Bids us to come, broken, dirty, messed up…


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