Luke 1:57-80 “His Name is John”

Pretty sparse notes this week. You should listen to the audio to get the full gist.


Luke 1:57-80 “His name Is John”

We often think God’s blessings are meant to terminate on us. We think we are the center of the story.

The people’s perspective; God’s purpose

People rejoiced with Elizabeth because the Lord took away her reproach from among the people by giving Zachariah an heir.

People were confused by the decision to name Him John, which would remove Zachariah’s name from the line.

People wondered, What THEN will this child be? (He was just an heir, which was what the people were stoked about, now he must be something bigger)

Zechariah’s prophesy answered their question…

John would be like the prophets in the Old Testament, who declared salvation for God’s people.
He would Give the knowledge of salvation to His people in the forgiveness of their sins.

Why does this bring certainty to Theophilus? Eye witnesses: her neighbors, priest in the temple, the people in the whole hill country of Judea.


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