Exodus 5: “Bricks Without Straw”

Exodus 5

Today we pick up the story of the Exodus with Chapter 5. God has sent Moses from the wilderness back to Egypt to be the instrument of freedom for His people. Moses came back and told the people he was sent by God to rescue the Israelites from slavery, so now we pick up the story.
We live in a microwave, 4GLTE, instant breakfast, instant coffee, on demand, world. When we want something, we want it right now…
I think sometimes we get the idea that that is he way that God works as well. We all want to believe that when we become a Christian that all of our problems and struggles and concerns go away. We trust in God’s promise of deliverance, and we expect it immediately.
Have you been praying for something for a long time and wonder if God hears you? is there a struggle with sin in your life that has been ongoing that you really want to be free of? Is there a past memory that has haunted you since childhood that you are tired of being defined by? Or maybe for you, when you became a Christian, you thought things were going to get better, but instead they got worse. Well, you are no different than the Israelites in this part of rate story. They have heard the Good News of the rescue that was sent to them. But there is opposition to that promise. So, out of this story, I want to draw two truths that we need to understand that are revealed in this story.
God’s promises will be opposed:
World: Pharaoh. Your former Gods will not give up easily… Vs. 5
Flesh: Moses and Israel lack of faith. Vs 20
Satan: Father of lies.
God’s promises will be fulfilled.
In His way: Gods plan is bigger than any individual person… 4:21
In His Time: God’s timing is part of His Bigger plan… God Wanted to punish Egypt more than just taking away their slaves.
For our Sanctification: Paul’s Thorn. Hebrews 12:3-11
For His Glory: The eventual rescue of the world through Christ.

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