Exodus 4:18-31 “How’s Your Obedience?”


Exodus 4:18-31
Question: in what way does your obedience to the God’s commands affect your salvation?

Answer: your obedience to God’s commands is in no way the grounds or means of your salvation, it is the outflow of a grateful heart who has been rescued but God through Christ. However, it is part of the evidence of your faith in God’s rescuing work.

Moses’ obedience to Gods commands was pretty spectacular. Back to Egypt. Uprooted family. Impossible task.
But his obedience was not complete. Vs. 24-26. He did not have the sign of the covenant on his children. Genesis 17:9-14. This was a sign that he was God’s people. Now, Moses almost got killed for it because as a father, he was supposed to administer the sign of the covenant to his children.
The new sign of the covenant is Faith. Galatians 5:12
Faith is evidenced in obedience.- 1 John 5:1-5
Worship is the consummation of faith. -31

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