1 Tim 3:14-16 “The Pillar and Buttress of Truth”




1 Timothy 3. We are going to be reading verses 14-16 today.
If you recall the past few sermons have addressed the qualifications for the leaders of the church. Today we look at yet another time in a letter from Paul where he pauses for a moment and reminds Timothy, and us of the purpose of his letter, and gives us another reminder of the truth of the Gospel.
Now, when you think of “church” what typically comes to mind?…

Well, whatever your thought, Paul is going to help to sharpen our focus of our vision of what the church is.
Let’s read

So, we have a very simple purpose statement for this letter, he wants us to know how we ought to behave in the church. This is a letter of behavioral instruction. The warnings against false teachers, the urging to prayer, the qualifications for elders and deacons are all guidelines for behavior. Now something to stress any time you deal with behavior in scripture, you must always remember that your behavior is not what saves you, but once you are saved, your behavior should change.
So, why does it matter that we have behavioral instructions if our behavior doesn’t save us?

Well quite simply your salvation has more to do with other people that you realize. When you are saved, you are saved INTO a body. You are made a part of the people of God, there is a corporate reality to your identity, and it has implications for you and for others. There are many ways to describe hoe that fits into God’s plan, and we see several of those in this text…

The church is God’s household: God is in Charge, God makes the rules, God is our provider.

The church is the Gathering of God’s people: ever since the Old Testament, Gods plan was to gather for Himself a people…

The church is the pillar and buttress of truth: Many parts coming together for a specific purpose. Aligned with God’s truth, according to His design. Heralding His Message.

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