Jonah: “The Plant of God”



my notes were very sparse this week.

This book is made up of seven “episodes” there are three sets of parallels, and one that is on its own.
The first set is Jonah’s commissioning and flight, coupled with Jonah’s decommissioning later in the story…
The second is Jonah and the Pagan sailors, coupled with Jonah and the Pagan Ninevites…
The third pair is Jonah’s. Grateful prayer, coupled with Jonah’s angry prayer.

The only episode that doesn’t have a partner is Jonah’s lesson about compassion that we are looking at today…

1.The message of this book is not that God wants our obedience, but our hearts.

2. He want hearts that use things and love people, not love things and use people.

3. He wants hearts that have compassion on sinners, not hate.


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