Jonah: “The Compassion of God”


Today we are going to look at how God was quite extravagant about who He showed his mercy to. Really, everyone in this story receives the mercy and Grace of God. First thing I want to do in our text is remind us all of what God’s Compassion is saving us from, then look at who it is offered to.

God’s compassion saves us from God’s justice: God hurled the wind, God threatened the Ninevites, God sent the sun, and the scorching East wind. Ultimately we must realize that the primary force that God is saving us from is

His own Justice, and wrath toward our sin.
Romans 3:21-26
Romans 5:6-11

Compassion for the outsiders:
the Sailors:1:7-16.
the Ninevites: 3:10, 4:11
Compassion for “insiders”:
Jonah: 2:1-10, 4:6 God has compassion on Jonah’s lack of compassion.
You: Galatians 1:13-17; Colossians 1:21-23;


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