“The Word Became Flesh” John 1:1-18

Christmas 2013(Mp3 file for download)

In preparing for today’s service it came to my realization that I would only have about 10 minutes to preach. Let’s see how this goes.

Open your Bibles and read with me the text John 1:1-18

Jesus meets you where you are

It seems like more and more, we are made aware of people who will be l this Christmas in mourning. Christmas is a time to celebrate and rejoice, and have fun.  It is not meant to be a time of mourning. And yet, for so many in our world, the expectation of happiness this holiday season will come up short as we discussed last week.

Let’s look briefly at this text.

The word existed since the dawn of time. The world was created by the word. So, when God the Father spoke, it was Jesus who made it happen. And it was perfect.

In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the dark, and the darkness has not overcome it.

We walk in darkness. If Christmas time carries more hurt or mourning for you, you walk in darkness. The good news of this text is that Christ is light, and darkness has not overcome the light.

For those of us who walk in darkness, the truth of this text is this. The creator of the universe, who is the light of the world put on flesh, and dwelt among us. He met us where we were, and he brought with Him Grace and Truth.

The truth of the fullness of Jesus is that we receive grace upon grace. Do you need grace today? Will you need it like my aunt will need it as her little grandchildren will need it on Christmas morning to fight the tears as they spend their first Christmas without their mom? With all the uncertainty and darkness in our world today, it is amazing to think that in the incarnation of Christ, the darkness that we experience, though real, will not overcome the light of Christ.

Let’s pray.

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