Nehemiah 12:27-43 “The Dedication of the Wall”

Nehemiah 12 _Dedication of The Wall (Audio file for download)

Two weeks of Nehemiah left including a wrap up. Then we will look at our affirmation of faith, followed by a series on the foundations of the Christian faith.

This week the dedication of the wall.Two things to think about before we get started. 1. Where is a current example of God’s power in your life? Not years ago, not when you were a kid, where have you seen Him move recently? 2. How do you respond to that?

So what happens in the rebuilding of the wall is that the people get the Levites together and they purify themselves, the people and the wall. Then they get two choirs to sing all around the wall.

There are two aspects of the dedication: purification, and celebration in song. In many ways I believe this to be a significant reminder how we are to remember God’s work in our lives.

Purify: this was a reminder to them that they still have sin that needed to be cleansed, they cannot clean themselves.

As Christians, the greatest accomplishment that God can do for you isp forgive your sin… THe reminder for us is not that we need to go through ritual cleansing, but we need to be reminded of our purity in Christ. We need to remember that we are righteous before God through Christ.

Sing: to remember the mighty acts of God.  and to celebrate what he has done as a people. When we sing, we are declaring the truth about God in a way that unifies us as a people.

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