Nehemiah 10 Conviction Leads to Commitment

These may be the most sparse notes I have preached from in a while.

Nehemiah 10 

A covenant.

So far we have seen how God is using Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, restoring the dignity to His people and returning the people back to their home.

Last week we looked at how he gathered them together to hear his word. We saw what happens when God’s word goes out and does what it does, there is a response. Now what happens today is the next event in that progression. The people make a covenant with God now that they have heard the word, they are promising to live by it.

The big idea in this text is this:  Christians who encounter the Word of God will repent.

Encounter: scripture outlines the way that God set up our world to work.  It testifies to the peace that was in the garden between God and Adam and Eve.

Repent: confession, asking forgiveness, commitment.

Repentance is a daily activity for Christians

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