Philippians 1:27-30

Philippians 1:27-30 (audio file)

Philippians 1:27-30



Intro, what we’ve seen so far in this letter. Message 4 of our series on Phil.

1st message: God Begins the Work, God Completes the work, its for His Glory

2nd message: God furthers the gospel through Paul’s circumstances, not in spite of them, God encourages his people through Paul’s witness, God proclaims the gospel through Paul’s enemies.

3rd message: Paul’s joy was rooted in the knowledge that Jesus would be glorified no matter what his circumstance in life or death.

Transition in the Letter from what God is doing in Paul, to what they should be doing.

Olympics to 9/11

First Phrase: “live as Citizens”

Prop: Gospel clarity leads to Gospel unity in the face of Gospel enmity.

  1. Gospel clarity
  1. Understand the Gospel: God, making a people for himself, that he promised in the OT through the revelation of Jesus Christ, and his substitutionary life, death and resurrection.
  2. For yourself. Trust in Jesus’ finished work in yourself, not your own acts of Righteousness.
  3. For others: When others confess Jesus, we believe that God is at work in them, just as he is in us.
  1. Gospel unity
  1. One spirit. The holy spirit, and the spirit of a place
  2. one mind
  3. side by side

3. Gospel enmity

  1. Not frightened by opponents (unbelievers)
  2. Suffering is a gift
  3. To glorify Jesus.

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