Philippians 1:19-26

Philippians 1:19-26 (audio file)

Philippians 1:19-26
Joy, A Matter of Life and Death

Intro: Background. Message 3 of our series on Phil.
1st message: God Begins the Work, God Completes the work, its for His Glory

2nd message: God furthers the gospel through Paul’s circumstances, not in spite of them, God encourages his people through Paul’s witness, God proclaims the gospel through Paul’s enemies.

Prop: Paul’s joy was, and ours must be, founded on the desire to Jesus Glorified.



Deliverance: What do you think of when you look at Paul’s situation and hear him speak of his deliverance? When you are in a time of personal weakness and struggle what do you see as your deliverance?
What does Paul call his Deliverance?

The inevitable end result of their prayers, and the help of the Spirit of JC, to not be ashamed, Christ will be Honored.

Death: Who thinks of death as deliverance? What does Paul call death? Gain,To be with Christ, Far better

Life: Christ, Fruitful Labor, more necessary, their progress and joy in the Faith, ample cause to Glory in Christ Jesus.

Deliverance: Christ is Honored, Paul is rejoicing!
In order for any of us to be truly delivered from our struggles, we must see that our deliverance does not come from our earthly circumstances, it must come from the hope that Jesus will be glorified, no matter the outcome.
For this to be your cry, Jesus cannot be a magic Jeanie, he must be your everything.

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