Luke 18:18-30 “The Rich Young Ruler”

Open your bibles please to Luke 18. We are looking at verses 18-30 this morning. 

First of all I want to say thinks for all the love and support we have received this week. It was an incredibly challenging week for sure. This church has cared for us so well, and I am so grateful. Thank you.

Now, coming off the heels of a funeral two days ago. The question being asked of Jesus today is the question that I was hoping for everyone to be asking as we celebrated my Father-in-Law’s life. What Must I do to inherit eternal life?


Eternal Life is an outcome of an Identity. You inherit because you are family.

Not a result of a payment, or following commands. This man was hoping to make a contribution and earn a get out of jail free card. 

It is evidenced by treasuring Christ above all things. 

This teaching is not about what you own, but what owns you. 

The simple application question is this: What is in your hands? 


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