Luke 1:1-4 “Return of Luke; Not The Jedi”

Friendly reminder: The notes I post are as they were when I preached them. I don’t usually edit them for typos, so I apologize in advance for them.  


Open you Bibles please to Luke 1. Now, I know what you are thinking. We are NOT starting over. We are going to be picking back up the book of Luke though. We made it through chapter 16 and then had an extended pause to cover some important things. I am very excited to get back into a book of the Bible instead of preaching topics. 

What I want to do today since it has been so long since we studied Luke is to not give a summary of all the lessons and messages we have been through in this book, but to give us a broad picture of why this book is important and remind us why it is written. My prayer is that as we pick up the book, it will not just be a study of the story of Jesus, but that so we will view it through the lens that we are meant to see it through. 

We live in a time when you really cannot trust what you read. in fact, I don’t know about you, but I am skeptical of almost everything I read. I have seen that in most cases, people will believe the articles and publishings of opinions and stories that only confirm what they believe to be true. That is called confirmation bias. We all know about that right? The truth is we have lost our critical thinking and evaluating skills. We don’t look for primary sources. 

Well I am not sure if it was to the extent in the first century that it is now, but the same was true of the time after Jesus’ death and resurrection. There were lots of theories about Jesus, and what happened to Him. And so, we have the good doctor Luke stepping in to help us, by way of this letter to Theopholis. 

Now, I want to ask you the question that Luke is answering in this book. How can we be certain of what we believe, and why does it matter?

Lets read



So what we have at the beginning of this letter is an explanation of not only who is writing the book, but also why he is writing the book. As I have been preaching through the book, I try to keep coming back to this phrase. This is written “That you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught.” 

now, it trying to help us to have certainty  concerning the things we have been taught, Luke uses  a number of ingredients to accomplish this. 

If I were to use one sentence to describe what Luke is doing in this book, I would put it this way. 

“The book of Luke is a book of History, Theology and experience wrapped together to display the Divinity, Authority and worthiness of Christ.”

So, in this book we have History: The Birth of Christ, The Ministry of Christ, the death and resurrection of Christ. 

Birth of Christ

-prophecy and protection of God. John the baptist, angels and Mary. In this history we have names and dates, rulers and eyewitnesses. 

-The fulfillment of the prophecies.

Ministry of Christ

-John prepares

-Jesus is tempted

-Jesus preforms Miracles

– Jesus Teaches: Straight forward and Parables

-Jesus confronts the Pharisees

-Jesus preaches on the Kingdom

Death and resurrection of Christ

All to give us certainty of Christ’s 

-Authority over creation- because He is the source

-Authority over life- Because He is the source

– Authority over death- Because he conquered it. 

All of this to be certain, so that We have confidence to put all of our Hope in Him and find our Joy in Him. 



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