Luke 9:18-27 “The Cost of Truth”

Luke 9:18-27 “The Cost of Truth”

A few weeks ago in this study of Luke I talked about how Jesus was making a Pivot in His ministry. The beginning of His ministry was establishing who He is. He had been teaching and preaching about the Kingdom of God and displaying His power over creation, over sickness and over spiritual forces. He has been gathering followers, many of whom had desires for Jesus to be the new ruler of the earthly kingdom that they wanted Him to establish on earth. He had been preaching on the truth and how the truth would fall on hearers differently and that the truth of who He is need to be preached and displayed. Today what we see is where He begins to reveal to His disciples exactly what it means that He is the “Christ of God”. This is the moment where He sets his face to Jerusalem, and to the cross. This is where He begins to show His disciples and us that the truth of Who He is, dictates what He must do, and what we also must do. Now, the trouble with our current culture of truth is that we, in our day have a different view of truth. We live in a world that views truth as something that is completely based on our perception of it. We live in a culture of “Fake News” and post modern philosophy and confirmation bias. Every culture from the dawn of time has had basic truths that most people hold to. The term “fact” really has no meaning in our day, because the “facts” that we are spoon fed are combined with conclusions as well. We have combined the “News and Editorial” sections of our understanding of the world. I believe that a recent article in the Babylon Bee summarizes this quite succinctly:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Explosive testimony from ex-FBI Director James Comey confirmed Thursday exactly what you already wanted to believe before you heard a word of what he had to say, news channels and websites across the nation frantically reported.

“Whether you think Trump is a Russian spy or that this entire thing was made up out of thin air by the Democrats, Comey’s testimony today has proven you right beyond a shadow of a doubt,” one pundit said, referencing several things the ex-director said during his dramatic interrogation before the Senate Intel Committee.
“We can finally wrap this up—you were right all along,” he explained, adding that any other news or evidence that comes out from this point forward will also, undoubtedly, serve to strengthen your already-entrenched opinion.
Experts also reported that if you need any further proof, just go to whichever websites you normally visit for your daily news, and they will assure you that Comey’s testimony is the nail in the coffin of anyone who disagrees with you about Donald Trump’s ties with Russia.
We live in a world that does not change its beliefs based on truth, we live in a culture that denies or accepts truth based on what they already think to be true. For the most part we aren’t looking to be changed, we are looking to be validated.
What Jesus shows us today is that what you have been convinced is true will fundamentally change your actions moving forward. His being the son of God directed His actions, and He insists that what you believe to be true about Him will alter the course of your life.
SO, before we read this text, I want to ask, how has your belief in Jesus, caused a change in your life?


Peter’s Confession: The truth must be confessed. There was a lot of debate and discussion about who Jesus was. We have seen before that some thought he was a prophet of old, or John the Baptist, or Elijah. Jesus asks Peter who peters says that He is. Peter, has been watching Jesus’ ministry all this time, he has spend countless hours walking and talking with Him. He has even seen the power that Christ has work through him. Now he has come to the conclusion that Jesus is the Christ of God.


Jesus’ Declaration: The truth has consequences. Now that the disciples are understanding and believing that Jesus is in fact the Christ, it is time for Jesus to explain , at least in part what that reality means for His life.
Suffering Many things
Rejected by the rulers
Killed and raised


A True Christian Response: The truth changes our actions.
If you believe that Jesus is the Christ you will:
Deny yourself: Deny your own Lordship, deny your ability to make God in your image… deny your emotions the right to control your life.
Take up your cross: Live as a dead man… Recognize the futility of chasing worldly passions… Act on your convictions…
Follow Him: give your life away to serve Christ. Love your neighbors, love those who hate you, bless those who curse you, do good to those who revile you.
Note the warning here… Gain the world, forfeit your soul.
2 Timothy 3:1-9 is also a warning that is possible to be always learning, but never to arrive at the knowledge of the truth.
Because in recognizing that Jesus is in fact who He says He is, you are also saying that Jesus himself is the only person who can truly satisfy my soul. Denying myself is easy, because I cannot make myself happy. Taking up my cross is easy when I know that I my life is not my own. Following Jesus is easy when I say, like the disciples “Where else can I go? Only you have the words of eternal life.”


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