Luke 8:16-21 “Let it Shine”

Luke 8:16-21 “Let it Shine”

If you were here last week we liked at a parable of Jesus. He spoke to the people who were following him, essentially saying that as people hear the gospel, they will have different reactions to it. He ended with those who hear and believe and grow fruit because their soil was rich. This next passage is directed to those people who by God’s grace have rich soil and have heard the word.
In this he switches the metaphor from planting, to light.
Now, my guess is that if you grew up in church, you have sung the song “This Little Light of Mine”. So what do you do with your little light? You let it shine right? But let me ask you this. What the heck does that mean? I want to know what the light is, what is its purpose, and how do you turn it on?

Lets read the text and get started.

The Light is the Gospel:
Gospel in the Air: Creation, fall, redemption, consummation. One unified story
Gospel on the ground: Jesus living in your place, dying for Your sins, making you his brother.

The purpose of light is to make visible what cannot be seen in the dark:
Hearing and believing the Gospel is the same kind of change in a persons life as turning on a light in a dark room…
It illuminates the real issues of the heart and lives of the hearers: reveals true answers
It Makes clear what is obscured in the dark: dissolves fear

The way the light is turned on is hearing and obedience: you will note, it the previous text and this one, there are several mentions of hearing, 10, 18, 21. What you do when you hear and obey matters so much to Jesus that He says that he values those people as equal to His natural family.
“take care then how you hear” This is an admonition to be active hearers of the word.
In some sense this is a reminder that when the light shines into a dark room, not only does the fear dissolve, but the dirt is exposed, and seeing the issues means that there is a duty to deal with those issues.
When you are preparing to hear the word, either in private study, or preached on Sunday, you need to prepare your heart to have something in you illuminated and exposed, and you will need to deal with that. Be it a sin, or a trauma, or a relationship. If you are walking out of this room the same way you came in, I have failed.



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