Luke 6:43-45 “Apples and Oranges”

Luke 6:43-45 Apples and Oranges

We are in the middle of a teaching of Jesus called the sermon on the plain…
He began this day my healing people, then he started teaching and pronounced blessings and woes, blessings for those who spoke the truth and suffered the consequences, woes to those who tickle the ears and seek comfort. Then He made a radical call to love your enemies, followed by a call to not be judgmental. And to examine pur own lives before we approach others with correction. He follows that with what I believe is an answer to the question that most people who are hearing him are asking. How the heck can I live up to these standards?
Let’s read the text and get into it.

The goal of the Christian Life is fruit: speaking the truth no matter the cost, v. 22
loving the people who revile you v. 35
loving and nonjudgmental correction of brothers and sisters. V. 42

2. The fruit you produce has everything to do with your DNA: there are many people in churches all over the world who live lives trying to produce fruit that is contrary to their DNA. They a re frustrated and exhausted, because they have been told that the path to heaven is born out of a decision and your own hard work… Or, they understand the call of Jesus, but have not yet yielded all of their lives to Him. Or they want to just add Jesus to whatever it is they are already doing… Whatever the reason, they have not had a fundamental change in their DNA… What they lack is not more willpower, or a better strategy of fruit production, they lack regeneration. They are not true Christians…

3. Very often the fruit that is most evident is the fruit of your speech. Words matter a lot! And how you say those words matters a lot! It’s not that you don’t speak hard things, but it’s the way you do it. Something like 90% of your communication is non verbal… You can correct someone and they feel your love, as they hear your words. You can speak truth to someone who knows you are their friend as they hear you stand on truth. Are you communicating love as you share with those around you? Galatians 5:16-26

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