Luke 6:37-42 “To Judge or Not to Judge”

Luke 6:37-42 “To Judge or not to Judge?”

Last week we heard from Jesus as he preach d the sermon on the plain. He was pronouncing blessings and woes and we heard that in a particular way he was preparing his followers to face opposition as they spoke the truth and to love those who were going to reject them. Today is a continuation of those same thoughts, so as we approach his text,we cannot separate it from what comes before.
Now, who in here has ever felt judged? What did that feel like?
Now, has anyone here ever been called judgmental? I think this is a concept that has been wildly reinterpreted in our day to mean that if you disagree with my lifestyle at all, you are being judgmental. Furthermore, many people use this verse as either an excuse for not saying hard things, or as a defense when people do say hard things to them…
So, let me ask you to write something down. Write down your definition of judging someone…
Ok, now,let’s read the text and get into it…

now before we go any further I want to talk about herminudics for a second. Because if we remember two basic rules of herminudics, we will be greatly helped as we try to understand this passage
Context is everything!…
Scripture interprets scripture…
So when it comes to this passage, we have Jesus talking about judging in the teaching just after comparing his followers sufferings to that of the prophets. Essentially saying that as they speak the truth, they will be despised!

The Heart of correction: Not judging, not condemning, Humility, Grace, Mercy.
The Relationship of Correction: reciprocal:Teacher-Disciple brother-brother.
The Outcome of Correction: blessing for both: Iron Sharpening iron: fully trained, clear vision


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