Luke 5:1-11 “Fishers of Men”

Luke 5:1-11
What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?
Someone who has seen the incomparable glory of Christ, recognized their own need, and left everything to follow Him as He builds His church.

Jesus shows them He is a better fisherman… He has control over all that they cannot control.
1. It was the wrong time to Catch fish.
2. They had already fished those waters all night, and nothing.
3. At Jesus’ instruction, their nets almost broke and their boats almost sunk.

At seeing this, Simon confesses his sin:
His eyes were opened to Jesus’ power
He prostrated himself.
He confessed openly that he was a sinner, and unworthy of this relationship.

Jesus changes their profession. He says, you will now be catching men/people.
Their heart’s pursuit changed from gathering fish, to gathering people.
They left everything.
They followed Jesus.
Being a disciple means that you have been through a similar experience. You have in some way seen the power and authority of Jesus, you have recognized your own sinfulness and confessed that, and have joyfully left all that you once pursued and now follow Him.
For me, this meant leaving Chick-fail-A, moving back to Powhatan to pursue ministry, then getting stalled, and entertaining CFA again, then realizing while many people are called to CFA and other businesses, I was called to ministry…
Now, as I said, those who are in Christ, have a similar story. We do have the benefit of understanding the fuller picture of Christ’s atonement being the means of our relationship.
One of the people who has experienced this call is Cricket Clark…
Can you explain briefly what brought you to ECC?
What has it meant to be a part of the family here?



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