Luke 3:23-38 “Redeeming the Line of Adam”

Who here has relatives they are not proud of? anyone? Any family stories that people know, but wont talk about? My mother recently discovered that My grandmother’s first husband, who was killed in France in WW2 was the son of a bank robber who was hanged in Colorado for killing a police officer in a robbery. Learning about your ancestors can drastically change your sense of who you are. Think for a moment on a pretend situation. How would you feel if it were proven to you through DNA analysis that you were the descendant of Jack the Ripper, or Al Capone, or Joseph Stalin? To some extent, you might feel like you are a part of an infected line. You may feel shame, or some sense of guilt, not for what you have done, but for what your ancestor did, and the simple fact that you are their seed, you carry some of the weight of their crimes. Maybe you don’t feel like that, but I think I would. If my cousin had grown up knowing that his great grandfather was a murderer, he might have spent a lot of his childhood wondering if he would turn out the same way. He may have carried some guilt for that. So, the truth of the matter is, we all come from a line of brokenness, and pain. We all have wickedness in our family tree, and we all need to be rescued from the pain of our past.
What we are going to see today is that Jesus, the eternal Son, entered into a broken line of sinful flesh, and redeemed what was broken, so that their seed could have a future.

The first thing we see in this text is that Jesus was 30 years old when he began His ministry. and the next thing we see is an affirmation of the virgin birth when he says he was the son (as was supposed) of Joseph. What follows is a recounting of the lineage of Jesus all the way back through David to Adam.
There are some differences between this account and Matthew’s: Matthew traces Jesus’ line back to Abraham to show Jesus’ Jewish heritage, Luke however traces Jesus’ line back to Adam, which is to show us that Jesus’ work is for all the people.

The line is been broken. by sin, passed down from Adam: Let’s look at the Sin and brokenness in Adam’s Line… David, Noah, Boaz, Jacob, Rahab (Joshua 6:15-27)

God shows grace to this line time and time again: Let’s look at the times when God healed brokenness in this line… Boaz, David…God is always taking these broken and sinful people and redeeming their situations and their lives, problem is it is temporary.

Jesus has come to become the brokenness, so we can be His Holiness: Jesus’ coming into this line is to heal it once for all.



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