Exodus 32:1-20 “The Golden Calf”

Please open your Bible’s to Exodus 32. We are going to be reading about what happened while Moses was up on the mountain hearing from the Lord about the tabernacle, and all the details that we went through last week.
Now, Moses was up on the mountain for 40 days hearing from the Lord, and while he was gone, the people got impatient.
Before we read to find out what they did, let me ask you a question. What got you to where you are today? Hard work, determination, a strong work ethic, choosing the right school, choosing the right career, choosing the right path?
The People were not content in God and got impatient.
The people assigned authority to a man made object. They created something and gave it the credit for bringing them out of Egypt.
Aaron was complicit in this idolatry.
When their idolatry was exposed, They were forced to eat their idol.

We too have the propensity to make idols.
People: leaders, teachers, spouses, children
places: buildings, mountain top experience
practices: quiet times, education,
experiences: conferences, retreats

Any time we take a man made thing, and turn it into a necessary thing, we make an idol out of it.


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