Exodus 22-31 “God’s Tabernacle”

So, last time we were in Exodus, we looked at the use of the law that specifically is for restraining of Evil.
Today we are going to be covering 9 chapters of the book. I am not going to read them all, but we will be looking at the main thrust of these passages.

What I am going to do is read selected passages from these chapters, and hopefully give you an Idea of what is going on here.

The first thing to note is that We have two conversations with the Lord happening here, first, we are finishing up the conversation that happened when God gave the ten commandments. That finishes up God giving some of the civil laws that govern interactions and restrain evil. These were the laws that govern social justice.
Next we have Moses being called to God again in Chapter 24. God brought Moses to the Mountain again to give him the instructions for the tabernacle.

While there is a lot of stuff going on here, I wanted to bring out a few main ideas that flow not only in this text, but throughout scripture.
God desires to be among His people….
We cannot presume upon His presence: Only Moses can come forward; the veil in the tabernacle; the consecration of the priests.
God has made a way for us to draw near, and to please Him. 
Here in this text, it is through sacrifice and consecration, that was a shadow of Christ’s coming when the veil would be torn nd we may enter through the blood of Christ.
Hebrews 9:11-10:18


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