Exodus 17:8-16 “The Lord Is My Banner”


So, it has been a few weeks since we have seen one another. I hope everyone enjoyed the snow.
I had the privilege to attend the Bethlehem College and Seminary conference for pastors and church leaders. The theme of the conference centered around opposition to the gospel and suffering for the gospel. There was much discussed there that is pertinent to our text today and the situation that the Church in America is currently facing.
One thing I want to bring out from the conference was a reminder that in all of History, God’s people have always been opposed. Throughout all time, God’s people have always been opposed, and it is a trail God not just permits, but he plans. God will use opposition in your life to bring you to a place where you can see His glory.
So, here is my question for this week. When you face opposition, are you surprised? Do you see it as an uncertain battle, or something that God has brought into your path to make you more reliant on Him?
Let’s Read the text

So here we have the Israelites, now free from the Egyptians, in the wilderness. They have faced lack of food, lack of water, and all kinds of fear. They have seen the Red Sea parted, and walked through on dry land. You might think they have had about enough don’t you think?
Some of you may feel that way in your life. You have walked through some significant trials, and pain and you might think, ok God, I have had about enough. Truth is though that while Eternity for us has begun, it wont be pain free until we are on the other side. SO this text is another reminder about opposition that we will face as believers, and what we need to do about it.

As Christians We WILL face opposition.
World: Oppression, persecution, being used.
Flesh: Pride Selfishness, anger, fear
Satan: Father of lies, Seeks to destroy, fights for a spiritual prize with temporal weapons.
2. Our response is to Surrender to God: Look at How Moses fought, it was utterly clear in this story that the only reason the Israelites won this battle was because of Moses’ hands. If they were raise, they were winning, when he got tired and they drooped, that began to lose.
1. When we face opposition, we must surrender to God. Lift our hands, heads, and hearts to Him. Trusting His hand in the battle.
2. It is not a posture of our body, it is a posture of our hearts.
Dont assert yourself, don’t be afraid, Give yourself totally to HIs purpose, and allow Him to work in you and through you to accomplish His work.
3. Allow others to help you hold up your hands…
1. GO deeper in conversation.
2. Allow others access to your heart, confess your sins to people you trust.
3. See it as essential to the battle as Moses arms being raised.
4. Moses Prefigured Christ. Look To Jesus. He faced opposition, raised His hands, and accomplished the greatest victory the world has ever seen.

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