TLL #15 Christians and Alcohol


This week on This Liminal Life, Bryan and Rebekah talk about Christians and alcohol. Should we drink it? We look at a popular article that was floating around Facebook called 50 Reasons Why I Don’t Drink.  We read all 50 and give our take on them. Gather some friends, grab a beer or a Coke and join us for this conversation. It will be fun!

2 thoughts on “TLL #15 Christians and Alcohol

  1. I liked this podcast in three main ways. First, you are articulate and thoughtful, and have a good and authentic interaction together and with your audience. I like the team. Second, I like your audio quality. Nice job. Third, broadly I share your approach (if not all your conclusions): start with the Bible, and fully obey the Lord’s instruction revealed in it but don’t go beyond that instruction by imposing requirements the Lord does not.

    I will continue to listen (in the background I’m listening to the next in the series on your 14 years of marriage), and as I do I’m sure I’ll refine my sense of your style.

    But for now may I share two other initial reactions? First, I’m not sure the topic warranted all 80 minutes. It seemed like all your central points were made fully within the first 40 minutes. Second, at times you acknowledged that the writer’s circumstances and experience might explain her views, but when you observed you might be getting a little snarky, I shared your self-critique. Being both loving and clear wins hearers.

    Hats off to your innovation and effort. It sounds like your lives are packed, and that you nevertheless are carving out time for these podcasts is a credit to your passion and work ethic.

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