Exodus Plagues: God Hates Idolatry


God Hates Idolatry

Today we are going to cover several chapters in Exodus. I am not going to read them all, even though it would not be a waste of time to do so. Basically what we are covering today is the first nine plagues in Egypt.

What things can you not live without?

God Hates Idols because:

They rob Him of Glory… We give supernatural authority to natural things. Instead of allowing things to point us to Him, we worship the things as if they were what bring our satisfaction.
They rob us of true Joy… We are hard wired to seek joy. True joy can only be found in God. When we mistake happiness for joy, and trust in created things, we miss out when life gets hard…
They must be destroyed… God goes to great lengths to protect his glory and to provide for us the greatest joy…

Destroyed in Egypt: God destroys the idols of Egypt as he brings in the plagues. They are evidence of God’s judgment against the Egyptians idolatry.

Destroyed in Us (Christians): lovingly, persistently, relentlessly.
Relationships: spouse, parents, children, church.
Situations: failure, disappointment, discouragement.
In brief, all of our lives as Christians, God is constantly wooing us into the fullness of His Joy!
Ultimately though, our idolatry was paid for on the cross.

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