1 Timothy 6:17-21

We are focusing this week on 1 Timothy 6 verses 17-21
Before we read I want to engage your mind a little bit. Think for a minute about the American Dream. What is it? When I think of it, it is closely tied to the ideas of Life Liberty ,and the pursuit of happiness. But what does that look like in your mind? I think in many ways and many times, I equate the American Dream with achieving a large amount of wealth. People like Henry Ford, the Carnegie family, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs.
These people in m at ways embody the American Dream because they were/are wealthy. They are well respected, looked up to and admired. many people want to be like them, because they have money. Now, I think it is pretty well understood that our assumption of their success is that it has lead also the their happiness. We all know that this is a wrong assumption, but we still in some ways believe it. How does the song go? Money can’t buy happiness, but it will buy me a boat…
So in this letter to Timothy, Paul has addressed a number of behaviors that should follow with being a servant of Christ and a member of the Church. Today, we are going to look at how our view of wealth should be changed by the gospel.
Recognize the source:
“Don’t be haughty” when you believe that your effort, or smarts, or anything you have done is the source of your wealth, you begin to put your hope in yourself and not in God. The antidote to haughtiness is humble hope in God.
Recognize the purpose:
-to do good
-to be rich with good works
-to be generous and ready to share
Realize the True Life:
-Surrender to God
-service to others

All of this is possible because we know that our greatest need has been met in Jesus, he has provided all that we need for a relationship with him. That should give us trust for any other needs we have.

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