1 Timothy 5:6-16 Caring for Widows


1Timothy 5:3-16
This text may seem a little strange to us, because we do not have a daily distribution to the widows, but in Ephesus there was just that. If you recall, that is partly why the office of deacon was established, to help manage this distribution. But if you zoom out a little bit, this is in the context of Paul helping Timothy to know how to relate to and manage people of differing positions in life. Last two weeks we looked at his instructions for dealing with different ages of people, this week, it isoprene of a different situation, and next week it is people in a particular office in the church.
These are very practical instructions for relating to , and managing these relationships, but there are some very important principles that underly the instructions from Paul.

Honor widows…. Widows are people with no means of support…they have a particular place in the heart of the Lord…James 1:27
Widows have value in the kingdom…v 4. The world measures by provision, God measures faithfulness.
Widows had a particular reliance on God since they had no real means of support
Families have the responsibility to care for their own…verse 8,16
The church is the family for those who have no other family. We are bound by the gospel…
Encourage those who are caring for their relatives…

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