1Timothy 1:12-17 Paul’s Testimony

1 Tim 1:12-17

If you are following in this study, the first week we looked at Paul’s aim for his charge to Timothy, it is Love. Last time we looked at why doctrine matters. Paul was urging Timothy to charge people in the church to stay away from genealogies, and myths. He was encouraging the correct use of the law. We talked briefly about the three uses of the Law, to be a mirror, to restrain evil, and to teach us about what pleases God.

Paul ended the last section with a list of sins when talking about the law and how those sins, are contrary to sound doctrine in accordance with the gospel of the glory of the blessed God. So when we pick up this week we need to have that statement echoing in our heads.

Lets read the text and then see what he says to us in it.

I have spent the past two weeks wrestling with this passage of scripture. Honestly, I was relieved that we cancelled service last week because I didn’t like what I had prepared. To be honest, I still don’t love what I have prepared, but I don’t trust in my preparation, I trust in the Holy Spirit to work through the Word.
Let me ask you this question, it is the question I think this passage is answering for us today. What is the greatest tool of ministry you posses. Now, I don’t mean the Bible, because it is way more than a tool, it is the source of our ministry. What I mean by tool is something that you use to illustrate the truths that scripture teaches…
So what we have here is Paul writing this letter to Timothy to help him in his ministry and Paul does something totally Pauline, he breaks into a reflection of his own salvation. So what I want to propose to us through this word is that the greatest tool you posses for ministry is your own testimony.
First let’s look at Paul’s
He was a sinner.
God showed him mercy.
To display His patience.

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