This Liminal Life: First Podcast


This is the first episode of a podcast that Rebekah and I have been discussing for quite a while.  We talk about how we met, what we hope to accomplish with this podcast, and what to do about pedophiles in the church. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.


Go to this link if you want to subscribe:

4 thoughts on “This Liminal Life: First Podcast

  1. I was truly enjoying the story of how you all met, when the podcast stopped at 11:33 minutes, and I could not get it to continue.

  2. Although I have heard these stories before, it was good to hear them from the two of you together. Will you continue to do this together? Thanks for sharing—I marvel at your openness about your life situations and experiences. I think it encourages people to be more open and thereby seeking help and guidance to resolve issues in their life.

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